Ransomware + Data Backup Strategies


Latest Ransomware Attack

As you might be aware, there was a highly publicized ransomware attack that occurred over the holiday weekend. This particular attack targeted Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that used an on-premise version of Continue reading

Picking the Best Business Computer: What Should You Look For?


Finding the best business computer will increase productivity and reduce long-term IT expenses. The best business computers will last at least 3 years with minimal issues, resulting in fewer calls Continue reading

Is it just me or are virtual meetings awkward? Over the last few months, I've spent a lot of time in virtual meetings and I’ve found that it can be hard to establish credibility, especially if you aren’t prepared for the "virtual" aspect. Continue reading

Preparing your business for Coronavirus

Hand sanitizer isn't enough to prepare your business for the impacts of a coronavirus outbreak.

Preparing your business for a coronavirus outbreak isn’t as simple as getting sanitizer wipes for the conference room keyboard (although you should consider it). There is an increasing potential that cities will be shut down Continue reading

Google Chrome security update has been released to secure browser from new cybersecurity threat. Here's how to make sure you have the update. Continue reading
Cyberattacks affect everyone, not just big business. Small business security tends to be minimal, making them an easy target for all types of attack, including ransomware. Learn the first four steps every business should take to protect their assets. Continue reading

 IT Consulting Services for Small Business

How to pick the RIGHT Provider

Don’t be fooled by the toothy grin of a sharky Information Technology (IT) consultant. Learn how to choose the right IT consulting services for your small business before Continue reading

IT Support for Nonprofits

Elevate Your Mission

IT Support for Nonprofits

If you are looking into IT support options for your organization, finding the right provider can be a challenge. It is important to find a provider that offers honest and purposeful IT support for Continue reading

5 Ways to Perfect Your Business’ Server Maintenance‌

server maintenance

While your hardware won’t live forever, there are a few ways to help keep things running smoothly. Regular server maintenance will help keep your technology up-to-date, therefore extending its life (and saving you headaches). Continue reading