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Elevate Your Security with Onset Red

A Comprehensive Middle-ground Security Solution

Inspired by NIST 800-171 standards for ultimate security, our Onset Red security service provides advanced controls, policy recommendations, and redundancy to secure sensitive data and minimizing downtime.

Onset Red: Defining the future of IT security.

Navigating decisions related to IT security is no small feat, especially when you’re handling sensitive personal information or when downtime is not an option. Enter Onset Red, a comprehensive security service inspired by NIST 800-171 standards. Unlike typical offerings of most Managed Service Providers, Onset Red provides a delicate balance between stringent security measures and a practical, manageable implementation. It integrates numerous advanced controls, such as the deployment of a suite of computer hardening policies based on those provided by the Department of Defense, offering your organization enhanced security.

Multi-tiered Backup Solution

Ensures robust protection against potential failures or malicious activities.

Comprehensive Security Monitoring

Proactively monitors for security anomalies in servers, workstations, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.

Smart User Access Control

Leverages the principle of least privilege to provide maximum security.

Enhanced Email Security

Works to ensure that communication remains confidential by implementing various email security measures.
Your Perfect IT Security Solution

Balancing between Rigorous Security and Practical Application

Onset Red offers distinct features that differentiate it from other security services in the market. It strikes a balance between rigorous security standards and practical application, providing a more comprehensive solution than what most Managed Service Providers and internal IT teams can handle. Although it doesn’t guarantee compliance with a formal GRC approach, Onset Red is an ideal stepping stone for organizations working towards full compliance. With a strategic relationship with a Denver-based GRC solutions firm, Onset Solutions efficiently divides the workload, ensuring a comprehensive approach to IT security for our clients.

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Onset Red is a comprehensive security service offering advanced controls and proactive measures.
Businesses that handle sensitive data, prioritize security, and aim to minimize downtime.
Onset Red offers more stringent measures than most MSPs and is a practical solution for organizations aiming for full compliance.
Onset Solutions collaborates with a Denver-based GRC firm facilitate the entire process, including items such as gap analyses, recommendations, configuration requirements, and compliance documentation.

Secure Your Future with Onset Red!

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