History of Onset Solutions

Onset Solutions was founded in 2001 by Bret Taylor (CEO), who had a vision to challenge the status quo of how IT support was delivered to small businesses. At the time, the industry was largely driven by hourly rates and predatory practices, with many IT providers lacking an intentional focus on client success. Bret set out to create a company that was relationship-focused, approachable and built on integrity. He wanted clients to know who they were working with and to ensure that the relationship was centered on their success. Today, this vision is shared by our co-owner, Hilary Taylor (COO).

The early years of Onset Solutions were influenced by the IT industry’s recovery from the dot-com crash and like others, our company had to learn to navigate the challenges of operating in a new landscape. In a way, the crash was a blessing in disguise for us, as many of the major players in the Denver metro’s IT support space didn’t make it, giving the industry an opportunity to reassess its priorities. This period of upheaval allowed Onset Solutions to be an early adopter of our monthly flat-rate pricing model years before it became mainstream, differentiating us from many of our competitors.

Throughout its history, we’ve prided ourselves on taking a vendor agnostic approach when it comes to the solutions we recommend. By avoiding entanglements, partnerships and similar financially motivated relationships, this independence has allowed us to make recommendations to clients based on their actual needs, rather than pushing solutions solely for the sake of receiving a kickback. This commitment to client success has remained a core value of Onset Solutions throughout its existence.

The team at Onset Solutions has grown from a one person operation to a group of seven dedicated professionals. As the company has expanded, we’ve been able to attract and retain top talent, all of whom share the same commitment to integrity, approachability and resourcefulness that has defined the organization since its inception. For the benefit of our clients, and to maintain our level of service, our intention has always been to pursue thoughtful growth over rapid growth.

Onset Solutions’ original slogan was “Consistently Prestigious, Pleasantly Resourceful, Simply Brilliant,” reflecting the company’s goal of providing professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful IT support. The name “Onset Solutions” itself means “solutions from the beginning,” highlighting the company’s focus on building strong relationships with clients from the outset. Today, our slogan is “People-Powered I.T.”, a nod to the human element that underpins everything the company does. Internally, developing and maintaining “Purposeful, Productive Relationships” is a key driver for the Onset Solutions team.

One concept that sets Onset Solutions apart from many other IT support providers is our preference for the term “IT consultant” over “Managed Services Provider” (MSP). While MSPs have become an industry-recognized term for marketing purposes, it often comes with unfavorable connotations of over-subscription and commoditization. Onset Solutions, in contrast, strives to be the “good guys” in the IT support space, focusing on what is genuinely best for clients and delivering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Looking to the future, our plans are to continue growing and providing exceptional service to our clients. We aim to continue investing in talented individuals who share its core values and commitment to client success. As new technologies and methodologies emerge, Onset Solutions will embrace these opportunities to further improve its services and maintain its position as a leading IT support provider for small businesses.

The Onset Solutions Guarantee:

Onset Solutions guarantees that our services will be performed for the benefit of our customers. Because of this, there are no term commitments on our agreements and our clients can cancel service at any time. We feel that if our customer perceives value from our partnership that they will want to continue to do so. If at any time, the perception of value is lost, then the customer should have the opportunity to meet their needs elsewhere without hassle. – Bret Taylor, Founder and CEO
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