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Help Desk Support

With help desk support from Onset Solutions, you have a trusted partner who is available to help your team address I.T. issues when they arise.

Save time and reduce frustration with help desk support for your office.

Every interaction with I.T. support should be a pleasant experience.

While we assist with technology, our true role is to support the people on your team.

Need support? Give us a call or send an email to reach a real person who is able to help. We minimize the need for escalations by connecting you with a technician who has the right skillset to help the first time, typically someone familiar with your account. Pricing is flat-rate so there is never a worry about an extra charge.

Our service model is simple for a reason – so we can provide the best possible support to the people we serve.


Simply call or email our help desk to reach a technician familiar with your environment.


We don’t resell hardware or software. Recommendations are based on your organization’s needs and budget.


Fixed pricing, full service. No unexpected fees or caps on hours, even on project work.

Friendly Approach

When you reach out for help, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice who genuinely cares about your needs.

Easy to Use Support

Don’t Stress, We’ll Handle I.T.

Help Desk Support is an essential part of keeping your organization’s technology running smoothly and efficiently. When you encounter IT issues, you need a responsive, knowledgeable team that can quickly diagnose and resolve your problems. Our help desk support team is that resource for your business.

We take pride in our unique approach to help desk support, which focuses on providing direct access to skilled technicians without the multi-tiered model often found in other MSPs and IT departments. This means that you won’t have to go through multiple layers of support to get the help you need. If your assigned technician is unavailable, we do our best to ensure that the first person you speak with will be able to resolve your request directly. This streamlined process saves you time and frustration.

Our help desk support team is not only skilled in technical matters but is also personable, approachable, and dedicated to helping your organization succeed. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, so when you reach out for help, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice who genuinely cares about your needs.

With our help desk support, you’ll experience faster resolution times and more personalized assistance. Our technicians are well-versed in various hardware and software issues, which means they can quickly identify the root cause of a problem and implement a solution to get you back on track.

Our help desk support also includes remote assistance capabilities, allowing us to address your IT issues without needing to be physically present at your location. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or employees working remotely. Our remote support tools enable us to provide you with the same high level of assistance as if we were on-site, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

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Two technicians will be assigned to your account as primary contacts. They will be familiar with your environment and know your team. As needs arise, you can email or call our support line and one of these technicians will typically respond.

If an urgent arises and both of your normal contacts are unavailable, you may work with someone else on our team so we can resolve the problem quickly. There may be other occasions when another member of our team will work in tandem with your normal technicians, for example when additional expertise around a specific situation would be beneficial.

If there is an urgent situation and your normal Onset contacts are unavailable, another technician on our team will utilize our internal documentation to address the issue as efficiently as possible.

Absolutely. Our help desk support includes remote assistance capabilities, allowing us to easily support support remote employees and businesses with locations outside of the Denver metro area.

Our technicians are well-versed in a variety hardware and software platforms. This includes PC and Mac devices, standard business products, and a wide range of industry specific software. Please contact us through the form below if you’d like to discuss a specific need.

Ready to say goodbye to tiered help desk frustration?

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