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Experience our full-range of technical services with Onset Complete. For well-established companies with complex IT support needs, our full-service offering is meticulously designed to meet your needs, providing all-inclusive access to our wide range of technical services.

We’re here to be an extension of your team, ensuring seamless IT operations and helping you stay focused on your core business.

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Every interaction with I.T. support should be a pleasant experience.

While we assist with technology, our true role is to support the people on your team.

Need support? Give us a call or send an email to reach a real person who is able to help. We minimize the need for escalations by connecting you with a technician who has the right skillset to help the first time, typically someone familiar with your account. Pricing is flat-rate so there is never a worry about an extra charge.

Our service model is simple for a reason – so we can provide the best possible support to the people we serve.


Simply call or email our help desk to reach a technician familiar with your environment.


We don’t resell hardware or software. Recommendations are based on your organization’s needs and budget.


Fixed pricing, full service. No unexpected fees or caps on hours, even on project work.

Friendly Approach

When you reach out for help, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice who genuinely cares about your needs.

Easy to Use Support

Go Beyond Regular IT Services with Onset Complete

Onset Complete stands as your dedicated IT department, offering customized IT support tailored to your business. Two of our skilled technicians will be assigned to your account, enabling personalized and effective support. Weekly onsite visits, maintenance checks, and prompt assistance ensure your IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with your business objectives and supports a work-from-anywhere culture.

Choosing Onset Complete means selecting an IT partner dedicated to your success. We’re not just about maintaining servers and troubleshooting hardware. We’re about building meaningful relationships with our clients, understanding your unique needs, and ensuring that your IT infrastructure is a robust foundation supporting your growth and innovation. We’re experienced in a wide range of software technologies, network devices, and mobile connectivity solutions, ensuring that no matter your technology need, we’ve got you covered. Embrace a service where approachability, friendliness, and effective solutions are the status quo. Let’s redefine what IT support can do for your business together.

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It includes access to all our technical services with a dedicated team, proactive support, and no additional project charges.

If there is an urgent situation and your normal Onset contacts are unavailable, another technician on our team will utilize our internal documentation to address the issue as efficiently as possible.

Absolutely. Our help desk support includes remote assistance capabilities, allowing us to easily support support remote employees and businesses with locations outside of the Denver metro area.

After 180 days, major projects like new server installations or office moves are included in the flat monthly rate.

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