People in hard hats looking at a computer wishing they had IT support for construction companies.
Robust I.T. Support


Efficient, Personalized, and Proactive IT Services for Your Unique Needs
Robust IT Support

IT Support for Construction Companies

IT support that comprehends the unique demands of the construction industry.

People in hard hats looking at a computer wishing they had IT support for construction companies.

Month-to-Month Agreement

Our month-to-month agreements ensure high quality support because service can be cancel at any time.

Flat Rate Fee

Never worry about an unexpected expense. Our services are provided on a flat rate basis with no hourly cap.

Small Business Experts

Our name stands for solutions from the beginning, capturing our founder’s goal of providing a strong foundation for the operations of small businesses.

Why Onset?

A Better IT Experience

Meeting the I.T. Demands of the Construction Industry

Balancing Efficiency, Budget, and Needs

Construction operations hinge on efficient, reliable technology. Tight deadlines, complex project management, seamless stakeholder communication, all necessitate a knowledgeable IT partner. Our team at Onset Solutions offers services with the construction industry in mind, ensuring a robust, secure, efficient technology infrastructure.

A key advantage of our construction-focused services is our proactive IT support and timely responses. We comprehend the major role of having dependable technology for managing timelines, budgets, and coordination with subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. Our team’s mission is to streamline your IT systems, letting you concentrate on delivering quality construction projects on time and within budget.


Help Desk Support

Address “how do I…” and “this isn’t working” challenges for staff. Includes troubleshooting software and hardware.

Cloud Services Support

Make recommendations based on budget and needs. Configure services and ensure staff has the tools they need for success.

Network Support

Assist with internet connectivity, general infrastructure (firewalls, switches, WiFi, servers) and remote access.

IT Consulting

Serve as a thought leader for business I.T. needs. Advise on file storage, equipment replacements, changing business needs and more.

Security Oversight

Apply software updates, oversee data backups, and monitor equipment status to proactively identify issues.

Remote + Onsite Support

Our team can assist remotely or onsite depending on your needs.​

Mobile and remote I.T. solutions for on-the-go accessibility.

In the construction industry, professionals often work from job sites, away from the main office, necessitating accessible information and applications from any location. We offer solutions allowing your team to access project data, collaborate with colleagues, and manage tasks from any device, ensuring productivity and information flow even when on the go.

Additionally, data security is paramount in the construction industry. Our team establishes robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive project information, intellectual property, and client data against potential cyber threats. We also work closely with you to ensure your technology infrastructure aligns with industry regulations and standards.

Stay Ahead of IT Issues with Onset Solutions

Amplifying Business Opportunities & Mitigating Tech Risks

One key benefit we offer small businesses is our personalized approach to IT support. We recognize that no two businesses are identical, and we work closely with you to develop an IT strategy that aligns with your unique goals and objectives. Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and offering solutions that help you grow and succeed.

Another distinct advantage of our services is our focus on proactive support. We prioritize identifying and addressing potential IT issues before they escalate into significant problems that can disrupt your daily operations. With regular maintenance, system monitoring, and robust security measures, we keep your technology infrastructure stable and secure, enabling you to focus on your core business functions.

Trust, Communication, Collaboration.

We understand the value of strong relationships. Our team is always available for support, to answer questions, and to address any concerns. By developing robust relationships with our clients, we work together to ensure your tech infrastructure operates at peak performance.

Plans for all office sizes

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People in hard hats looking at a computer wishing they had IT support for construction companies.

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We implement stringent security measures to protect sensitive project information, intellectual property, and client data from cyber threats. Additionally, we ensure your technology infrastructure is compliant with industry standards.
We implement regular maintenance, system monitoring, and robust security measures for stability and security.
Yes, we can support your team from wherever they are. Provided that connectivity exists, we can ensure that your team can access project data, collaborate with colleagues, and manage tasks from any device, ensuring productivity, whether in the office or on the job site.

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