Outsourcing Your IT

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What can Onset Solutions do for my company?

If you are managing a small business or nonprofit, it can be a challenge to find reliable technology support that meets the needs of your office. With so many IT companies in Colorado, how do you find an outsourced solution that works for you and for your organization? Onset Solutions offers comprehensive IT support solutions that stand out from the competition.

People-Powered IT

Our expertise is helping users utilize technology more effectively. Onset Solutions works as an extension of your team, providing resourceful solutions to the challenges that are impacting your business. By getting to know your staff, our techs are able to provide the best support possible for your office. We aren’t tech nerds, we are real people who want to help your business succeed.


Active Management

Our savvy techs will monitor your IT network on an on-going basis, identifying vulnerabilities before any issues occur. This includes implementing virus protection, overseeing hardware lifespans, handling software updates/configurations and making sure the set-up of your network remains secure.

Quick Responses

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your IT needs is that you’ll always have a resource. When an in-house tech is home sick, it can leave your company stuck if your network goes down. Or what if your hourly tech is away on vacation and your server crashes? By partnering with a company like Onset Solutions, you’ll know that your office has reliable IT support.


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Customer Testimonial

“Onset Solutions provides Managed IT Services for the office I work in. Not only are they willing to go above and beyond to make sure our systems are up and running, but they are also friendly and professional. I highly recommend using this group!”

– Annelise, CRMCA and CSSGA