it support for nonprofits

Reliable IT support for nonprofits is critical for organizations, and helps them deliver the beneficial services to those who need it.

Oftentimes, nonprofits only think about the importance of IT support during a crisis. While this mentality might make sense in theory, it can have a negative impact on your business in practice.

Consider some of these scenarios:

Mobile Support

You’re in charge of planning your nonprofit organization’s big annual fundraising event. You are sitting in a coffee shop, waiting to meet with a potential vendor who has volunteered their services for the event, and open your laptop to check your email. Lo and behold, you keep getting frustrating messages saying that your email account can’t be accessed for some obscure, very technical-sounding reason. You don’t panic though, because you remember that you have the ability to access email on your smart phone…or at least you did. A recent update to your phone’s software caused an issue with your VPN access and you aren’t able to get the file you need.

It is critical for nonprofit organizations to have dependable, fully functional mobile communications to keep in touch, but can’t be expected to know all the ins and outs when unexpected IT changes are made. Having your organization’s IT services managed would ensure that your team would never be out of touch.

Online Donations

Your organization relies heavily on visitors to donate online to your cause. You have just launched a new fundraising effort, and are excited to see the number of online responses. Good news: the fundraising effort is a huge success, and your website is inundated with online donation submissions. Bad news: a hacker has found their way through your website’s “back door” to access your biggest donors’ financial information! Next thing you know, your organization’s reputation is tarnished, online donations drop dramatically because the story of the hacking has become public knowledge, and you’re faced with trying to find someone to fix the disaster!

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Immediate Access

You are a relatively small nonprofit organization, with 20 people on staff. You don’t have the budget for a full-time IT person, but feel that between the rest of you, you can manage the daily technical stuff without too much problem…until the organization’s entire computer network gets a virus while everyone is working through the weekend to complete an important grant proposal.

Although IT support may not (hopefully) be needed on a daily basis, it’s crucial you know who to call when you have an emergency. Or, better yet, have preventative maintenance done regularly to prevent the emergencies in the first place.

Nonprofit organizations rarely have the time or resources to devote to IT support, but there are budget-friendly, comprehensive IT service teams who recognize and value the importance of nonprofit work, and make a commitment to providing expert solutions with budget-conscious rates.