With all the acronyms used in the realm of computers and digital technology, here’s one more that is being used more and more by businesses—MSP.

Managed Service Providers (or MSPs) are IT experts who devote all their time to keeping up with the new technology introduced into the digital world daily, as well as trying to keep up with the ever-present security threats that pose a risk to your business.

What Does Managed IT Include?

Today there are more and more “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) programs available, with live chat support and online tutorials, which make it even easier for end users to expand their technological horizons on their own—without the help of outside experts. That’s great, but employing an MSP can mean the difference between being able to be more productive (and profitable) with all those great new programs, or frustrated and “dead in the water” with the software incorrectly deployed or a computer network that has gone down because of a virus or incompatible software installations.

In the past couple years, here are the top reasons why more and more small businesses (less than 100 employees) have recruited reputable, experienced managed IT service providers:

  • – Enhance security and compliance
  • – Improve efficiency of IT operations
  • – Manage network and software infrastructure
  • – Compliment and support internal IT personnel
  • – Boost reliability of IT operations
  • – Application monitoring

For businesses trying to justify the cost of retaining an MSP, the math is simple: invest in more efficient, reliable IT operations with enhanced security and ongoing maintenance = more time for internal employees to do the things they’re supposed to be doing (rather than trying to troubleshoot computer problems). This will, in turn, result in a more productive, profitable company.

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What to Look for in an MSP Partner

When you’ve decided to partner with a Managed IT Service Provider partner, keep the following in mind:

  • – How long have they been in business?
  • – Are they personable, as well as professional?
  • – Do they offer emergency onsite accessibility?
  • – Are they willing to listen to what your company’s needs and growth plans are?
  • – Do their services fit your business’ specific needs?
  • – Do they offer a true comprehensive “flat rate” monthly service, or is it just a monthly retainer with a limited scope that can easily result additional hourly charges?
  • – Are you “locked in” to a term commitment, or can you cancel at any time?

Managed Service Providers are rapidly becoming a standard line item of a company’s overall budget to ensure growth, productivity and profitability. When better IT support becomes a need for your company, make sure you are diligent to find the best MSP Partner to empower your business.