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Your IT provider is privy to a wealth of information regarding your business, from financial data, to employee information, to the passwords that keep your company secure. Because your managed services provider (MSP) has so much access to sensitive data, it’s important to have a trusting relationship with your consultant—but what if you don’t?

In a nightmare scenario, your IT provider constantly overpromises and underperforms, leading you to consider other options for managed services. When you confront your consultant about their lack of support, they deny it and act hostile toward you and your business. The next day, you discover your website and email are both down, and you have been locked out of your server. You are now in a powerless position and must determine how to get your information back up so your business can keep running. But how could you have prevented this disaster? Understanding the warning signs of bad IT service can help you avoid this serious situation.

4 Warning Signs Your IT Service is Holding You Hostage:

1. They don’t return your emails and calls promptly

While you might not have access to your IT provider 24/7, you should expect to get a response from them within a reasonable time frame. If it takes more than a day (if not a few hours) to hear back from them, your MSP clearly isn’t putting your business first.

2. They charge you hidden fees

Any consultant that puts integrity first will be upfront about their billing practices. Be wary of consultants who regularly hide charges or are generally dishonest about their pricing. While the cost of certain services can fluctuate, your MSP should always make sure you’re informed on what to expect price-wise.

3. They don’t listen to your requests

If your IT consultant has a “my way or the highway” attitude, they aren’t respecting your company. Of course, a good IT provider should offer suggestions for how to fix and maintain your technology, but they should also listen to needs and desires. The same goes for vendors—your MSP should focus on the solutions, regardless if it is solved by an Apple or Microsoft product.

4. They talk down to you

When you’re talking with your IT consultant, it’s reasonable to expect some jargon and industry-speak; however, your tech shouldn’t talk to you as if you were a child. A good IT provider will take the time to explain technical information, and may even recommend additional resources so that you are knowledgeable when it comes to your company’s technology.

Dependable IT support is critical for running your business, and it’s a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. If you notice any of the aforementioned warning signs, find out below how to best transition MSPs and keep your sensitive data safe!

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