server maintenance

While your hardware won’t live forever, there are a few ways to help keep things running smoothly. Regular server maintenance will help keep your technology up-to-date, therefore extending its life (and saving you headaches). Here are 5 ways to help you can maintain your server.

1. Make sure updates are applied routinely

Updating your server on a regular basis is the easiest and most efficient way to keep it running properly. While the frequency of updates depends on your technology, it’s best to check in regularly to ensure you’re keeping up-to-date with the latest software updates.

2. Keep an eye on disk space

Have you noticed your server running slowly? If yes, there’s a good chance your disk space is running low. Luckily, you can avoid all the problems that come with this by regularly checking your drive. To do this on a PC, go to “My Computer,” right-click on your disk, and press “properties” to reveal how much space you are using and how much space is available.

If you notice that your disk is pretty full, cleaning it up will make your server run much more efficiently. Not sure how to clean your server’s disk space? Click here for help.

3. Keep an eye on application behaviors (e.g. are there issues in the logs?)

Your application log can help you keep track of any issues that arise in your server’s applications. Routinely going into these logs and searching for errors will help you detect problems as soon as they arise—not when it’s too late.

4. Make sure that all hardware components are checked routinely to make sure they are functional (e.g. did a hard drive go out?)

If you only learn one thing from this article, it is that proper server maintenance is 95% monitoring. Many companies don’t deal with issues until they have escalated when they could have avoided the situation entirely with a little routine maintenance. Don’t wait until something is wrong before you check into your server.


5. Track the lifecycle of your server

As previously stated, technology will unfortunately become obsolete with time and use, which means your server will not last forever. Keeping track of its lifecycle will help you plan for updates and replacements.

Server maintenance is a critical aspect of keeping your technology in tip-top shape, and will help you avoid the dreaded downtime. If your business’ technology feels overwhelming to monitor, it’s best to have someone help keep your IT maintained. At Onset Solutions, we offer complimentary consultations to best understand your managed services needs.

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