managed it support

Managed IT support isn’t always at the top of business owner’s minds when their companies begin to expand, but it’s critical to keeping a business running smoothly. If you’re unsure if your business could benefit from IT support, consider the following:

1) Support

We’ve heard it time and again—you don’t know if managed IT support is right for your business because you’d rather take issues up as they come. While that makes sense in theory, think about the last time you had an IT issue. You were probably stressed about finding a solution and frustrated that your valuable time was being wasted on an unnecessary roadblock. With a trusted IT team on your side, you’ll always have a reliable tech to call. By having someone who is immediately available, you’ll avoid unnecessary downtime for your company.

2) A Trusted Network 

It’s nice to have someone on call whenever you have a technology disaster, but what’s really helpful is to be able to call someone you trust. One of the best parts of managed IT support is having a dedicated team that takes the time to get to know your business and your team. While Kyle from Rent-an-IT-Tech can solve your server issue, he won’t know the nuances of your company and your technology.

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3) Maintenance

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of only calling on IT support whenever there’s a problem, but your IT systems need maintenance even when things are running smoothly. Whether it’s a system-wide update or a simple checkup, having your IT system managed professionally will save you a lot of headaches (and money) in the long run.

4) Security 

Ensuring the security of your business’ sensitive information is a top priority, which is another reason why it’s important to keep your IT managed. From protecting your business’ work to employee access to malware/hacking protection, an IT support team will help keep your company and its work safe.

When it comes to running a business, managed IT support is probably not the first thing on your mind; however, it is an incredibly important aspect to ensuring the long-term success of your company. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate—don’t let technological difficulties stop you from doing your job and consider managed IT support today.

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