What would you like your IT experience  to look like?

Getting IT support with the wrong company can be frustrating.


Six scenarios you WILL NOT have with Onset Solutions

1. Seeing your tech ‘flip the bird’ towards your office as they leave.

2. “Hi, I’m your help desk representative. You don’t know who I am? I’m not overseas… promise.”

3. “Your server is down? We are on vacation for the next two weeks.”

4. Getting stuck in a 2 year contract with a “we’ll get to your needs when we feel like it” company.

5. “It’s your fault you got hacked. You should pay us extra to fix it.”

6. Discovering that your software isn’t properly licensed, exposing your business to thousands in fees.

We hear anecdotes like this over and over again from frustrated executives and office managers. They scare us too.

You should WANT to work with your IT team.


What you can expect with Onset Solutions

1. An IT team that is pleasant to work with and gets the job done.

2. Direct contact information for all of our techs – phone / text / e-mail.

3. Around the clock availability for business continuity issues.

4. Month-to-month service plans.

5. Flat-rate pricing for comprehensive IT support, including moves and upgrades.

6. A company with integrity that says “yes” to the needs of your business.

Onset Guarantee

Onset Solutions guarantees that our services will be performed for the benefit of our customers. Because of this, there are no term commitments on our agreements and our clients can cancel service at any time. If at any time, the perception of value is lost, then the customer should have the opportunity to meet their needs elsewhere without hassle.

– Bret Taylor, Founder and CEO

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